What is the Legacy Building Project?

On Sunday 18th February, we presented plans to our Gloucester congregation that detail a refurbishment and extension of our church building. These plans, as you’ll see in this booklet, not only bring our building up to regulation standards, but greatly increase our capacity; both in our main auditorium and for our children’s ministry. As we presented these ideas, we looked back over the history of our church, thanking God for all he has done and for the generosity of those that have gone before us. As we reflect on the faith of the previous generations, one word comes to mind; legacy.

Now, it’s our turn to ask, what legacy shall we leave? What will the coming generations look back on and thank God for? As you read through this booklet, we pray your faith is inspired, and we invite you to join us in prayer, and partner with us financially as we embark upon the Legacy Building Project.

“Creating a space for people to encounter Jesus
for generations to come.”



One Off Giving

Give a one off gift, by cash or cheque, using the Legacy Building offering form & envelope or by bank transfer using the One Church bank details below. (Church Suite is also an option for one off giving.)

Bank Transfer Details

Account Name: One Church R/C 1131467 other income  |  Sort Code: 08-90-41  |  Account Number: 50143441  |  Ref: Legacy

Pledge Giving

Set up a monthly pledge gift of cash, cheque or bank transfer using the Legacy Building offering pledge form. Our preferred pledge giving method is bank transfer.


Give online securely through ChurchSuite* by clicking here.

*This will incur a transaction fee

Gift Aid

If you are a registered UK taxpayer please fill in the Gift Aid declaration form on the reverse of the Legacy Building offering pledge card. As a registered charity, the government will give us an additional 25p for every £1 you give, at no extra cost to you. If you have any questions about Gift Aid, please contact finance@weareone.church. Our preferred giving method is bank transfer with gift aid.

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