International Mission is a core part of our DNA here at One Church. Relationship is at the heart – and we have built a number of key partnerships with missionaries across the world. 

Our aim is to provide all members of One Church with the opportunity to serve on or support our International Missions Teams – it not only adds huge value to the work of our mission partners but is also a great way for us to grow personally.

Since 2009 we have seen around 500 people serve on one of over 100 international teams – and have many stories of lives transformed. 


The Pentecostal/charismatic churches in Egypt are as diverse as the national culture itself. Churches in urban cities tend to be large and attract a younger, modern congregation. The rural churches are naturally smaller and reflect a more traditional service. In many congregations it is still tradition for men and women to sit separately and most services are entirely led by the male pastor.

The leadership of Assemblies of God in Egypt want to breathe new life into their emerging leaders and we have committed to three annual conferences to achieve that goal. One Church partners with Equip Leadership, Cananda along with pastors we network with.


Lauro and Rosane Castelli have been on the international mission field for many years. They first received a ‘call’ for full time overseas mission when they were involved in Church ministry in Brazil (their home nation). They spent 10 years in India working amongst drug addicts and AIDS victims before moving to Belgium in 2003.

Belgium is often referred to as the ‘missionary graveyard’ – it is a hard place to work and many international missionaries have left. Lauro and Rosane are amongst the longest serving missionaries in Belgium outside of Brussels. 

Lauro and Rosane are currently leading Go Generation Church, a church plant in the city of Liege, and has grown from a handful of people at the start of 2009 to around 60 people today. Over the last 10 years, we have supported the work of Go Generation Church by sending teams to get involved in all aspects of church life, including: leadership development, prayer, preaching, outreach, and youth and children’s work.


In 2008 whilst pastoring a church in Bristol, Andrew and Avril Wesley felt the call of God on their lives to give up their home and everything they knew in the U.K. and move to Belarus to show the love of God to orphans and support foster families.

Although Belarus is no longer a communist country, there are still tight regulations regarding cultural and religious influences from the West. 

Over the last 9 years, we have sent out teams that have helped transform a derelict agricultural college into a home big enough to host teams of missionaries as well as host and entertain foster families.

Currently we run two trips a year: An all-ladies trip hosting a ‘Mother’s Day’ for the foster mums; the other being a mixed team supporting the ‘International Children’s Day’. The teams from both trips also visit an orphanage to play with the children and give them a great day, as well as visiting some of the foster families in their homes. 


Kennedy & Prisca Makwenda, along with their four children, have been serving as Pastors in Rusape, Zimbabwe, since May 2000 under the name Revival Grace Fellowship. In 2005, Kennedy left his home and family to come to the UK to study at Redcliffe Bible College in Gloucester. During those 4 years, Kennedy became part of the One Church family, and in 2009, Kennedy & Prisca left Gloucester and returned to their home town of Rusape. 

In April 2017, Revival Grace Fellowship became part of the One Church Network. There are some 140 people that meet across three locations, Rusape and two villages: Karikiriki and Zindoga.

In the early years of sending teams to Zimbabwe, we helped run their annual conference by providing teaching and preaching, youth and kids work, and serving in local community projects. We’ve also invested in mobilising community transformation projects in partnership with the U.K. charity, Tearfund. 


Pastor Cerry Culibrina and his wife Sally have led the church in Talim since 2009 whilst also working a full-time job. This is a challenge in itself but they have such a passion to reach people with the gospel and to see the transformation in others that they have miraculously experienced for themselves.

Talim is a relatively small island of around 90,000 people in Lake Laguna, the largest inland lake in The Philippines. It is a poor rural community in economic terms but rich in spirit and hospitality.

In April 2017 they launched their second ‘expression’. They have a thrivingsmall group ministry that reaches out in practical and spiritual ways and has a strong focus on leadership development from young people upwards. 

Over the years we have focused on many different aspects of church and community life such as practical help (e.g. food and clothing), leadership development, evangelistic 


Gianni and Angela Gaeta are senior leaders of the Life Church network in Austria. To date, they have planted 15 churches throughout the nation and their vision is to plant churches in every district of Austria.

Due to a strong Catholic ethos in Austria, it took a number of years for Life Church to be recognised by the government as a mainstream church, but they have now gained that status and credibility and have become a network of real influence across the country. 

On a typical mission, we assist Life Church with leadership training, prayer support and teaching. 

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