OC Kids Camp 2023

We are so excited about OC Kids Camp in 2023! We are back at TRAC for another incredible camp - it's such a great venue! We're planning new activities, with lots more fun - including camp fires, raft building, go karting, crafts, sports and heaps more....

It's amazing that we are able to invite Reception & Year 1 children to visit us for a day trip to camp. We're also running 2 back to back camps, so you can choose which date suits you best.It's guaranteed to be a time of great fun, laughter & games, as well as a chance for your child to encounter God in a new way. This action-packed camp brings together all of the kids from across the One Church locations; Gloucester, Keynsham, Bristol & Podsmead. We are also opening our doors for other churches to join us too.

It's not to be missed - Bookings are now open!


Running Kids Camp over Easter is a powerful thing for us, as we celebrate Jesus’ incredible power and what He did for us at Easter. We believe that with God’s power active in our lives, we can conquer every fear and accomplish our wildest dreams. Our prayer is that the kids capture this thought and are empowered to return and change their worlds.


Activities will include: forest challenges, lake adventures, go-karting, pond dipping, crafts, cooking, a campfire and much more! There will also be quality food, outstanding spiritual input and a chance to make some new friends

Location & Venue Info

Date & Price

CAMP A: 1-4 April 2023

CAMP B:  4-7 April 2023

£120 per Year 2 – Year 6 child / £20 Rec & Year 1 day ticket


TRAC (Tom Roberts Adventure Centre)
Yates Farm, Malswick, Newent
GL18 1HE



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